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Sugar Mover Premier LogoFrom planning and application to scouting and harvest, here’s how you can use FarmCommand® – an all-in-one digital platform – to optimize your Sugar Mover® Premier application.


Sugar Mover Premier is an EPA-registered plant growth regulator and yield stimulant that increases the rate of sugar transport from leaves to flowers, ears, seeds, pods and root storage tissue to increase available sugar and seed size for higher yield.

Sugar Mover Premier

  • is a combination of plant nutrients and cytokinin
  • stimulates better reproductive development
  • increases ear and pod fill
  • promotes uniform seed size
  • increases bulking in root crops
  • improves Brix and color in sugar-producing crops

Key Crops

  • Soybeans – produce more pods with greater weight
  • Corn – increase early plant vigor, test weight and bushels
  • Wheat – increase head and kernel size and weight
  • Barley – increase tillering, seed size and weight
  • Canola – increase vigor and branching, and build seed weigh
  • Cotton – produce more stems and branches that bear larger bolls
  • Sugar Beets – improve root health, size and weight

Plan, Apply and Measure – How to Use FarmCommand to Optimize Your Application

Zone Management PlanCreate a Zone Management Plan

Identifying high and low-performing areas of the field to match application rates to productivity zones and yield targets.




FarmCommand digital platform
FarmCommand – all-in-one digital platform

Apply at the Right Time

FarmCommand contains growth stage models that utilize hybrid and in-field weather station data to help you plan applications for the onset of reproductive stages.







Calculate-ROICalculate ROI

FarmCommand enables the management of treatment areas where Sugar Mover Premier was applied. Add the cost of various treatments and the established selling price of the commodity and overlay these on your yield map to calculate the ROI of the application.





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