Vive Crop Protection products give you the performance you need without the hassle of extra equipment, compatibility agents, product stuck to the sides of the tank or plugged screens and tips. Get performance from all the product you pay for.

How are Vive Crop Protection products different?

Vive products are built with Allosperse® – our patented nano-polymer system that creates the best user experience, whether they are used with other chemicals, liquid fertilizers, micronutrients and hard water. In fact, 97% of growers who use Vive products continue to use them year after year.

97% of growers who use Vive products continue to use them year after year and 94% will recommend to friends and neighbors.

Listen to Brian Williams, a corn grower in Illinois who mixed AZteroid FC 3.3, Averland FC and Bifender FC with 9-18-9 starter, zinc, sulphur and sugar.

Luke Radford, an agronomist at Moss Farms in Idaho talks about why he used AZteroid FC 3.3 in potatoes and why he likes it.

Wondering how Bifender FC compares to Capture LFR?

Product Compare to Description
Quadris®, Abound®
AZteroid FC 3.3 is the best-mixing azoxystrobin available. It provides excellent control of Rhizoctonia diseases and plant health benefits.
Bifender FC provides the most uniform coverage of any bifenthrin product because it mixes seamlessly with liquid fertilizer, other chemicals and water.
Only Averland FC is registered for in-furrow suppression of corn nematodes and foliar suppression of nematodes in potatoes. In a foliar application, it provides unbeatable control of mites, psyllids and other foliar pests.
Midac FC is the easiest-to-use imidacloprid on the market for control of sugarbeet root maggot, Colorado potato beetle, aphids, leafhoppers and whiteflies. It mixes perfectly with liquid fertility products.
Ridomil® Gold, Ultra Flourish®
Xyler FC is the only metalaxyl/mefenoxam product that provides control of pythium and phytophthora species in low carrier volumes of liquid fertilizer or water.